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Monday, 21 December 2009 11:14

This is a classic cricket game, one of the best in its kind. Flash Cricket2 is simple to play and the main steps are Choose your team, step up to the crease and bat away at sixes. To begin with we have to choose a name and a country as team. once that is selected we have to earn points for our team. We have to use 3 keys Z X and C to play. Z is for pull X is for straight drive C is for cut. Use the mouse to control the player. We have to position the player in right place then press the right key at the right time to make a perfect shot. It will be little hard at the beginning but after one or 2 tries one can become pro in this game. Unlike other cricket games this has more detail to it and one can do more than just keep batting aimlessly. The tasks get harder as we reach to the next level. The hint to hit fours and sixes easily is to tap the key twice and aim the ball well. All tasks have to be successfully done within 1 over. If we fail we have to try again till we get it right to unlock the next game. This game is a must for all cricket fans.

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