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Monday, 21 December 2009 11:25

Towertown Tower Defense is a complex shooting and strategy game. its mainly controlled by the mouse. we get to chose from 3 different characters to begin with. our aim is to defeat the creatures that come out from the buildings. to defeat them we have many different weapons to use. we can use castles that shoots them with bullets, we can use cannon towers that shoot cannon balls. or use igloos that cause flying damage. we can also use fire pit which does fire damage. the power station provides energy needed to power towers. we can check info on the towers or even compare them with each other. we get time intervals between the spanning of the monsters so that we can build more weapons and plan a strategy before they appear. once we kill many monsters we can buy upgrades for our existing weapons, also we can sell them and earn some money to invest in some other weapons. its a type of game which all will enjoy.

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